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At Kirti Jotwani Makeup Studio and Salon, we rigorously research and tests each service and product that is on offer. As a rule, we first practice all the services we offer so you have the best in hair, skincare, beauty services and make-up. As one of the best Beauty salon we are eager to make your experience with us a great one that you won't soon forget! We're progressive and chic, with a first-rate reputation and a friendly, nurturing staff.

makeup artist in lucknow
makeup artist in lucknow

Services we provide

Makeup has been around for over a hundred thousand years, and beauty is only evolving. What started with red pigment clay is now a fascinating world of foundation, rouge, lipstick, blush, mascara, eye shadow, eye liner.

makeup artist in lucknow

Bridal Make Up

Our experts redefine the beautiful features of yours. The wedding day is the magnificent day for the couples begins their lives together.

makeup artist in lucknow

Hair Styles

Your hair is 57% of your Selfie. Selfie rules the world and your haircut? We bring you a well-groomed adorable and glamorous look.

makeup artist in lucknow


Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through. Our studio Atmosphere & trained stylists waiting enhance your beauty .

makeup artist in lucknow


Don't give a second thought when it comes to restoring health and beauty of you.

Professional Makeup Artist in Lucknow

makeup artist in lucknow

There is a saying that ‘makeup does wonders’ which proves to be hundred percent true when makeup is applied by a right person in the right way. Makeup is an art that promotes the timeless beauty and just pamper our outlook by covering up the odds. Makeup artist in Lucknow through her years of amenity as a beauty professional understands every subtle of beauty and is well aware of every technique and tactics of makeup application. So, whether you are outing for a corporate event, or for a friend’s wedding orengagement party – makeup professionals of this beauty studio won’t disappoint you.

Makeup lays down some magical effect on the face, so it’s not only significant, how experience you are in this profession, but it’s also important – how creative or innovative you are with the makeup tactics in order to render the unforgettable appearance, every time. Beauty professionals of this studio being fully aware of the fact that beauty is all about uplifting and enhancing the blessed facial feature in a way that it turn out to be natural. Also makeup artist of this studio believes that every individual is beautiful in its own way and makeup art is all about intensifying the appearance in the stunning way.

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Expression of Excellence

One could experience a friendly and comfortable atmosphere with a comprehensive range of professional treatments at reasonable prices. Grooming is not a mere luxury, but an essential necessity. Be it at the workplace, the college or just that party you went to last night.

Makeup Artist in Lucknow

makeup artist in lucknow

Makeup Artist in Lucknow

Beauty a trait has always been valuable from the times immemorial, even in the old ages sagas still sing the beauty of some phenomenal people of old who were really astounding as the legends say, many such things still exist now who are phenomenal in their appearance. It is the right of all to look nice and sober, in order to achieve that goal most of us need help from someone who specializes in this science as well as art.

We at Kirti studio help our clients to achieve that goal, in this we guide them and use our hard earned expertise and out of the box thinking to make anybody look outstanding . Our treatments are handled be very knowledgeable and experienced workers who know what to do when.

MAKEUP ARTIST IN LUCKNOW is not new, but we have something which can provide a different experience to our clients. We have considerable experience in makeup arts, yet we don't rush any operation as everything has to be done with care we really provide our clients exotic experience.



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