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At Kirti Jotwani Makeup Studio and Salon, we rigorously research and tests each service and product that is on offer. As a rule, we first practice all the services we offer so you have the best in hair, skincare, beauty services and make-up. As one of the best Beauty salon we are eager to make your experience with us a great one that you won't soon forget! We're progressive and chic, with a first-rate reputation and a friendly, nurturing staff.


Services we provide

Makeup has been around for over a hundred thousand years, and beauty is only evolving. What started with red pigment clay is now a fascinating world of foundation, rouge, lipstick, blush, mascara, eye shadow, eye liner.

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Bridal Make Up

Our experts redefine the beautiful features of yours. The wedding day is the magnificent day for the couples begins their lives together.

best salon in lucknow

Hair Styles

Your hair is 57% of your Selfie. Selfie rules the world and your haircut? We bring you a well-groomed adorable and glamorous look.

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Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through. Our studio Atmosphere & trained stylists waiting enhance your beauty .

best salon in lucknow


Don't give a second thought when it comes to restoring health and beauty of you.

Best Salon In Lucknow

Best Salon In Lucknow

Best Salon In Lucknow

The Kriti Jotwani Makeup Studio has established itself as a one stop for all the beauty services from head to toe. This beauty salon feels its obligation towards its customer and that’s why they perform their job of cherishing the appearance of their patrons in a way that their beauty is astound in the utmost natural way. Beauty professionals of this salon perform in accordance with the skin type and facial structure of the person. So, whether you are going out for your friend’s party or want to jazz you up for a family get together or even for your life’s big day – your wedding, professional makeup artists of Kriti Jotwani Makeup Studio always avails themselves and could surely provide you the ravishing look.

The Best salon in Lucknow, shower its services in numerous of beauty channels, whether it’s hair styling and care, skin care or massages, normal makeup, party makeup, or bridal makeup and the list goes on.

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Expression of Excellence

Apart from all this Kriti Jotwani Makeup Studio also emphasize on providing the superb customer assistance and care by providing them up to mark administration and service. The staff of this salon has been always there for its customers in order to provide them the right beauty service at the right time and provide them the perfect solution to their beauty problem.

Best Salon In Lucknow


Best Salon In Lucknow

It is hard to be the BEST SALON IN LUCKNOW as numerous competitors are there who are providing similar services but in this highly competitive environment, we have made a name for ourselves by providing desires of customers a new hope and best service. Salon today has become hotbed for developing styles and fashion, in this changing world of fashion and style many things come on stage and vanish in some time but few remain for a long time old styles give place to new ones and new ones are on the verge of proving themselves .

BEST SALON IN LUCKNOW means provider of best deals in Lucknow, creating value for money which is our specialty people get much more in even smallest of services that is necessary to be known. We are a provider of high-grade fashion related services, accessories, and materials. That’s why BEST SALON IN LUCKNOW is the name favorable in our context.



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