31 March 2021

Corona-virus has not only affected the day to day general life but our priorities are also changed now. During the lockdown session everyone has realized the importance of the salon. People have miserably failed at the art of self-grooming or representing the unique personality. In some of the situations when we actually want the salon services but this wasn’t possible at that time due to the risk of spreading infection. But as of current situation salons are being allowed to functionalize. But it is more recommended that stay at your home until or unless it is necessary. Salons are being strictly instructed to follow the COVID-19 issued guidelines therefore salons are strictly following the guidelines to prevent themselves and their customers or clients from the Corona-Virus infection. Including some of the basic reasons here we tell you how salons are keeping safety measures for their clients.

Salon services are only given to the customers taking advance appointments which directly includes that clients are allowed only when they have proper appointments. Most of the salon has also limited their services like waxing, threading, haircuts and dyeing will be made available but the treatments related to skin won’t be available. As per the COVID-19 guidelines mask and shield are always mandatory for the clients as well the salon staff and management. Before asking the clients, our salon team must wear all the protective items such as masks, gloves and worn at all times. Most importantly, salon tools must be definitely sanitized at the regular respective time. Tools like scissors, hair-dryers, as well as chairs etc. are needed to be sanitized properly and effectively. Disposable napkins have also been made mandatory, also in some cases you can also carry out the towel or clothes if you really feel more comfortable using those. In metro cities salons they are also regularly screening the temperature before you enter into the salon and this is mandatory for everyone whether you are supposed to be their clients or the salon’s staff. Therefore these are the respective guidelines which need to be followed by every salon or customer. Although with the increasing COVID-19 we have to be stronger and will fight against Corona.