15 March 2021

Let's talk about why you should choose your career as a makeup artist which is also one of the leading and most demanding job all around the world. When I was younger I always saw my mother getting ready using her makeup kit as well for going out. I always thought maybe someday I can help someone to glow her beauty. Although I’ve always loved makeup and it was only the last few years that I decided to choose my career as a makeup artist. Ok let's get started:

You might be thinking where it all started. So, when I was in my senior secondary school I discovered some blogs in the world of beauty that really sparked up my interest in makeup and made me eager about different cosmetics products and makeup experiments. I discussed this with my family that I want to choose this as a career and fortunately I convinced my family and after completing my intermediate I enrolled myself in a 1 year diploma course and further after completing the ‘Master Makeup Artistry’ course I was intent to be my own boss as a freelance makeup artist. I was so passionate about it that I didn't feel like studying at all. Though I got my first freelance project for the bridal makeup and yes I completed successfully and got my first payment. It was my life’s first payment.

I get asked all the time why I chose this as a career because I love playing around with different colors and experimenting with different looks. I love how makeup can glow your natural beauty and makes you more attractive and also defines your uniqueness. It transforms you completely to the other person and makes you more confident and energetic. After makeup, seeing the excitement and happy faces of the clients make you more focused towards your job and satisfy you that you didn’t make a wrong decision. You have to control how much money you can make the longer you work the better your portfolio will be. As you get a job be confident and as long as you put efforts and gain more experience. Makeup artists also have the freedom to be creative as they want and surprise the client with a new look. Each season brings you a new trend and you should have the ability to grow. As soon as the boredom slides in, you have time to increase your skill and learn something new.

 Thus, I find Makeup Artist is the best option as a career and there is no limit of money you can make. Various makeup artists who have strong portfolios are paid quite well and are also more efficient as they have a client worldwide. It is quite a respectful job and allows you to be more creative and at the end it gives you satisfaction.