20 November 2020

Hair wigs have been proven as one of the best treatments for baldness. They are easy to use and very effective. There are many advantages regarding hair wigs but as we all know every coin has two sides, one positive and the other one negative, in the same way, hair wigs also have some of the disadvantages. Although hair wigs are mostly famous due to their easiness but there are also some of the risks associated with it. In this article, we will be learning about the 10 top risks of hair wig:


  1. Many at times the clips which are attached to the wigs, which help the wigs to keep in tight with the scalp get weak or broken. Although these clips can be changed very easily but still if anybody is aware of it, they might simply discard

  2. If anything happens with the quality of the clip, but still a person wears it at the public place then there might be a situation when these wigs might fall off in front of everyone.

  3. Wigs need proper treatment and care otherwise the hair on the wigs will start to fall off and will become rough. In such cases, these wigs will not give a good look.

  4. Although most of the hair wig weavers try to make hair wigs out of good qualityproducts and ensure the good quality of the end products as well. But still if anybody is experiencing any itching or irritation, they must stop using those products immediately.

  5. If anybody does not know the proper method of wearing wigs then they must first learn it before Wrong method could lead to mis happening in various unwanted situations.

  6. If anybody face any issue with the wigs then they must immediately go to the dermatologist and get themselves

  7. Sometime people buy hair wigs without even considering the important aspects. One of such important aspect is matching the colour of the wig hair with the natural hair. If both of the colours does not match properly, then the identification of the hair wigs by the others will get easier and nobody wishes for it as it looks very humiliating specially for those who suffer from hair loss diseases.

  8. One must note few things before buying the wigs. Hair wigs come in all different They must identify the correct hair wig which could suit their face cut and completion.

  9. Sometimes wigs must also be removed so that the scalp could take fresh air. This will also reduce the chances of infection and disease and will also keep the scalp healthy.

  10. One must visit their dermatologist from time to time to know about their scalp’s health. Sometimes wigs can also decrease the rate of hair growth. So, one must try to get themselves evaluated to know whether these hair wigs are causing any effect on hair growth or not. This evaluation from a dermatologist is very must