19 October 2020

These days people are losing a lot of hair due to various reasons. There are many solutions to stop hair loss but what about the bald areas. Hair growth takes time and it’s not easy to stand out in the society with baldness. The behavior of the society towards the person who are suffering from baldness, affects them inside-out. They lose self-esteem and confidence. But there are many products available in the market which can help them out.



Hair patches are made up of true human hair hence gives the natural look and are used to cover the bald areas. They come in various sizes and also can be easily customized. It is very easily available in the market and is very easy to use. There are numerous benefits of using a hair patch but before buying a hair patch, one must understand the ways in which they have to take care of it. Maintaining the quality of a hair patch is very important to avoid any type of discomfort and infection.

So, here are top 10 quick tips for hair patches from the best hair patch weavers of Lucknow. Let’s check them out!!

  1. Don’t do any experiments on your patch. If you feelthat you need to change the hairstyle of the patch, then go and visit a hairdresser and ask them for it. They will guide you well and will do the cutting in a proper manner.

  3. If your hair patch is made up of synthetic hair, avoid styling them with hot equipments, it will damage their quality.

  5. To maintain the quality of the hair patch, you must ensure that you are using the correct patch care products. To gain some knowledge regarding this topic, you must consult to your dermatologist or hair style experts.

  7. There is not much difference between the hair used in the hair patch and the natural hair but still one must check the chemical and ingredients of the products they use on the hair patch.

  9. Regular wash of the hair patches is very essential for hygiene. One must wash their hair patches at least twice a wee

  11. Try not to apply such products which gives unnecessary shine to the patches otherwise the patches will look completely fake. Keep it more normal and natural.

  13. When it comes to styling, make sure to use styling products which are made only for hair patches. Patch sprays or wig sprays ensures that your style holds without any There are many patch sprays available in the market for both natural as well as synthetic hair patches.

  15. Always buy one more hair patch which you can keep as a stand by and use in the case of an emergency. This practice will always keep you well prepared for any

  17. Make sure you feel comfortable and confidentwhilewearing the patch.

  19. Try to use some hair accessories. It will give you a sense of your own natural hair.