17 September 2020

Everybody wants a glowing skin, glowing, glossy and flawless. Very few people are born with a naturally great skin. A glossy and glowing skin is a blessing everyone wants, but very few have. Skincare is a lifetime regime. Here are some of the topmost beauty tips and tricks to follow. For this, you can consult a good skincare specialist at a good beauty salon too. To have a great skin, one needs great dedication, determination and discipline. To look younger than your actual age, is a desire for all, but only a few know that it's extremely hard to maintain a great glowing, glossy and glassy skin. No matter what your skin tone is, you must follow the basic rules of skincare. A good skin is the best make up as they say, is very tough to attain.

The basic rules for a glowing, glossy skin are as following.

1- Determination- Decide at a young age to maintain your skin. Start while very young. Say 14, or as you hit puberty. Many youngsters suffer from pimples, acne and other skin ailments. Start your regime while young. For that you need not use expensive treatment products, but you need a few good quality skin care creams and a simple face pack to get by. Once you set your routine, you must stick to it. Remember, looking 40 at the age 50, you must start when you're 20. It's useless to wake up late and realize that the train has left. So determination is the key.

2- Dedication- So you have decided and determined to have a glowing skin, youthful looks and gloss on your face . Be dedicated to your goal. No dilly dally. Set up a routine and stick to it.

3- Discipline: Stick to your routine. First of all, set up a sleep pattern. Most depends upon it. The skin around your eyes, develops crows feet if you stay up till late, or wake up late. Glossy and glowing skin comes after a good rest.

4- Good Food Habits- Cultivate good and timely eating habits. Eat nutritiously filling food. Include dry fruits, fresh fruits, milk, curd, green vegetables, cereals, soups into your daily routine. A bit of ghee helps in having a great skin too. Avoid junk foods. Pizza has maida, which is harmful for skin. Junk foods are mostly stale, avoid as much as possible.

5- Sun- Avoid direct sunlight on your face and body to avoid a suntan or worse, sun burn. For good health, soak up the early morning or late evening sunlight, but avoid going out unprotected under the sun during afternoons or on hot sunny days. Use a good quality sunscreen.

6- Good Hygiene- Looking fresh depends upon great hygiene habits. Keep yourself as clean as possible. Use good quality face washes, soaps, shower gels for a good glowing skin. Bathe everyday. Shave regularly if you're a male. Try looking your best.

7- Know your skin type- Try and find out your skin type first and foremost. There are 7 basic types of skin
Dry to Normal.
Dry but oily in parts.
Normal to oily.
Oily on T Zone: Forehead/Nose.

8- Invest in good skincare products- Once you have decided upon your type, invest in the best skincare products that suit your budget. Incest in good quality moisturisers, anti ageing products, toners, lotions, creams and face packs.. There are hundreds to choose from. Make up is useless if you don't have a base of glowing skin.

9- Follow the basic rule- Clean.
Keep your skin hydrated at all times.
Wash with clean water as many times you feel.
Use home made or ready made face packs.
You can make your own packs from Multani Mitti/Fuller's Earth, fresh fruits, dry fruits and rosewater.
Readymade packs are available in all good brands and types.

10- The key to a good, glowing, glossy and supple skin is happiness, no stress, positive approach and a disciplined life. After you achieve this goal, a great make up artist can change you into a whole new person.

Be positive, happy and disciplined to have a healthy, happy glowing skin all your life.