Time and Trend changes, so does the lifestyle and fashion. The short hair and long hair pattern may go back and forth. But most of the girls want long and thick hair. Kirti Jotwani one of the best salon in Ashiyana provide you plenty of hair care treatment that can help to restore your further damaged hairs. Being the best unisex salon in Ashiyana we provide you the treatment in clean and healthy atmosphere. So, if you are running behind your hectic schedule. We would state, a little consideration and regard for your hair and will give you a phenomenal results.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss what steps you must follow to get healthy long hairs:

Balanced Diet: Before all outside treatment, the fundamental thing to follow is appropriateinternal food intake. Consuming food that your body doesn't take may influence your wellbeing. For certain individuals, the common body warmth may be high, and to those, it is prescribed to eat cool and water content nourishment. Proper hair development needs adequate protein. In this way, intake of protein content nourishment will turn out well with regards to quick hair development.

Hair Trim: There is common myth that trimming the hair normally may stop the development of hair. A slight trim at ordinary interims will help in the development of hair. This is on the grounds that while trimming the hair, you will dispose of the split end, which is a noteworthy prevention to your hair development. In any case, recall that trimming your hair excessively short and too routinely won't help.

Hair Protection: Safeguarding your hair from the outside condition is significant as well. On the off chance that you are going for a long distance in the bike, you should cover your hair with a thick scarf. This will shield your hair from contamination and other vehicle emanations. Aside from this, don't tie your hair too firmly or don't allow it to open while resting.Tie it in a reasonably and change the cushion covers at customary interims.

Hair Shower:There are different perplexities among ladies with regards to head shower. For them, it is constantly prescribed to scrub down twice in seven days. In any case, recollect that before washing up spend at least 20 minutes for a head rub with proper characteristic hair oil. Likewise, when you are finished shampooing, remember to apply suggested conditioner. The following procedure of drying the hair ought to likewise be finished with care. Be delicate with your hair while drying it. Try not to rub it vivaciously with your towel.