The darker your Mehndi, longer is your better half's life – Though this expression doesn't have noteworthiness as a general rule, isn't it each young lady's fantasy to have a brilliant red Mehndi in her grasp on her huge day? To fill your heart with joy exceptional, the redden in your grasp is as significant as become flushed in your cheeks. There is a lot of do's and does not to have a dull stain of Mehndi in your grasp and feet. We should examine some of them.
Bridal makeup artist in Lucknow has given some important tips on how to get darker Mehndi color:

Cleanliness is Key: Before the use of Mehndi, ensure your hands are cleaned and dried appropriately. It is imperative to wash your hands with cleanser water before you apply henna. Filthy hands will influence the splendor of Mehndi.

Pre-Application: Before applying the henna, ensure you polish off the loo exercises. Additionally, don't allow any juices before the utilization of Mehndi.

Keep it Long: When the Mehndi is applied, ensure it remains for long in your grasp. Washing it off inside 6 hours, decreases the opportunity of making it brilliant. In the event that you have applied Mehndi for your wedding, at that point you should keep it somewhere in the range of 6 and 8 hours. In the event that conceivable, extend it to 12 hours.

Lemon & Sugar: After certain long stretches of utilization, the Mehndi will start to dry. At this point, you can cautiously apply the water blend of lemon and sugar. It is fitting to utilize cotton for the use of this blend on your hands. Try not to apply it cruelly as it might demolish your plan.

Cloves fumes :Once after the use of lemon-sugar blend, you can consume the cloves and afterward flaunt the hands in its exhaust. Be that as it may, be cautious while you are doing this procedure.

Rub it off:Past 6 to 8 hours, the Mehndi will begin tumbling off. Remove your henna by scouring two hands tenderly. Try not to connect with water. After some time you will see the difference in shading from light orange to dull red.

Apply Them: When you expel the Mehndi, apply Eucalyptus oil. This notwithstanding great smell, this aids in instigating the brilliance. A few ladies additionally accept that applying coconut oil or analgesics will likewise help in lighting up.