17 February 2021

Human hair wigs now become a common part of people suffering from baldness or extensive hair loss. While if a person wears a hair wig it looks and feels naturally and is easy to wear without any surgery or any pain. It also means that you need to be more careful and assume like real human hair. You need to shampoo, style the way you want, you can have hair cut the way you want and also take care of your underneath hair.

Here now we will discuss the 10 unbelievable facts about your hair wigs, which are more popular and cost-effective now:

  1. In the ancient period Egyptiansused to wear wigs to protect their shaved head from the insects and direct sunlight. This is now a creative and well styled solution for the baldness problem.
  1. Human wigs are also needed by a variety of people with medical conditions, including children because of some serious diseases they start losing their hair first and lead to permanent baldness.
  1. It takes days to make highly compatible wigs. First of all the hairs need to be tangled and sorted out. The lice should be picked out from the hairs. Now they get washed, drying, and dyeing to make a proper wig.
  1. There are some of the situations for which the short hairs are also collected and sold. As it is not so pricey or desirable it is mostly used for experiments and industrial purposes.
  1. In India there is a huge demand for hair wigs now rather than 15 years before. That means the people of India are getting richer and ready to afford these types of things also. And there are also not as many hair donors now as there were before. So the synthetic wigs are getting better and better looking like natural human hair.
  1. Religious peoplemake pilgrimages to the temples which are located in southern regions of India. These temples are now becoming a basic supplier of the hair.
  1. If you have long, naturally, shining, and attractive hairs then you can donate them and can earn some profit as well. As per the study in the United States you can get somewhere around $1500 for your beautifulhairs.
  1. Post modern pop artist Andy Warhoiwas also known for his trademark white fright wig. The study says one of these notorious wigs sold in an auction for an astonishing for $10,800. This is really great!
  1. The Human Hair Industryhas become extremely remunerative and it has become a multi billion market now. Huge demands of hair wigs are coming for both male and female sides.
  1. Queen Elizabeth I was the biggest fan of hair wigs and she always tried new wigs for a particular event. It has been recorded that she owned more than 150 individual pieces.