3 November 2020

With so many latest health problemsthese days, hair loss has become one of the most common one. More than 70% of the population is suffering from the hair loss problem. The cause can be direct or indirect. Direct causes are those which directly affects the quality of hair and make their health worst which leads to hair loss. Some of the direct causes are environment, lifestyle, eating habits and hair care routine, etc. Indirect causes are those health problems which are not related to hair or scalp problem but the side effects of such diseases or theirmedication might result into the hair loss.


Among the varioushair loss treatments, hair patch is the one of the most useful method. It is widely used all over the world. It is not only used for hiding the bald spots but also by various makeup, cinema and fashion industries. In such industries, hair patches are used to make a particular look. You can buy these hair patches from the best hair patch weaver industry in Lucknow.

Now let’s discuss the ten latest development in hair patches.

  1. Hair patches come along with the clips attached to them. These clips and pinned on the scalp which helps in fixing and tightening of the hair patch. These pins are so efficient that they don’t let the hair patch fall off. If these clips get damaged, they can also be changed without discarding the whole patch.

  2. Hair patches are now fully customized. Anyone can buy these patches according to their suitability and comfort. They are available in all sizes according to the customer’s wish. They can be bought for the whole head or for a particular space on the head.

  3. Hair patches are now available in two types. One is with the natural human hair and the other one is with the synthetic hair. The customers can buy these patches according to their will and suitability.

  4. No special hair products are required.

  5. Every person has different shade of hair colour and it’s important for a hair patch to match the colour of the hair so that the patch looks completely To fulfill this, hair patch weavers, make the patches of all hair colours .

  6. Not only the hair colour but also the hair texture must match with the person’s natural hair. Best hair patch weavers make patches of every hair texture to match the hair types of the customers.

  7. Hair patches are also available in almost all hair styles. Hence are able to fulfill the desires of the customers regarding

  8. The quality of the hair patches has also been improved because of which they can be used for a long period of time hence cost effective.

  9. Hair patches are now also available online which makes them easy to buy hence the availability of the patches to the customers increases.

  10. Before making of the patch, quality of the material is checked to ensure safety.