24 November 2020

Every bride wants to look perfect and enjoy their wedding day to the fullest at the same time. Wedding is a once a life time opportunity and everyone has their special plans and dreams regarding them. To feel the happiness from outside the bride must first feel the happiness form the inside and makeup plays a vital role in this. If a bride is satisfied with her makeup, she will automatically be happy and confident on stage. Hence is the responsibility of a makeup artist to understand the desired of the bride and then suggest them their tips using their expert knowledge.


We will be now listing 10 various tips provided by the best makeup artist of the town:

  1. In order to prepare themselves from before, bride to be can use various face and hair packs to achieve clear glowing skin and healthy hair till their wedding day.

  2. Before wedding day, bride must go through some hair and makeup trials to know what best suits her skin and face structure. This method helps in preventing chaos at the last moment.

  3. Brides must get enough sleep before her wedding days so that her skin looks fresh and glowing.

  4. Never forget to apply ice before starting the entire makeup session. By doing so we can prevent from flowing of the makeup. Hence the makeup sustains for a longer period of time. Every makeup product must be waterproof in order to avoid leaking at the last moment.

  5. Remember it is very important to use the right shade of foundation, concealer, powder and blush. Wrong shades can make her face look extremely bright or dull. These products must also be used in right quantity.

  6. On applying mascara, makeup artist must make sure that there are no clumps as they could look very filthy on the bride’s face. If any clumps are being noticed then they must be carefully removed without spoiling the whole makeup look.

  7. Bride must take care of her hair and skin. She must apply some natural hair conditioners and packs like honey, banana, curd, etc. She must also apply coconut oil at regular time intervals to avoid roughness. Many homemade, effective packs can also be easily applied. They are very easy to make and are completely healthy as they are completely natural.

  8. Onions are very good for hair. It is suggested for the bride to apply onion juice twice a week for longer and stronger hair. Now a day’s onion oils of various reputed companies are also available in market. Brides can also choose to use them as they are also equally very helpful for healthy hair.

  9. Drinking at least 3 liters of water is most likely suggested for clear and hydrated skin of the bride. This will make her skin look more glowing even without any use of makeup.

  10. Gel based foundation prior is always a best choice to use. They do not get messy and spoil the whole face.