Makeup is not a factor rest only in women, now the craze of putting on makeup is distributed equally in both genders. Now boys and girls both want to look good and stylish and they know that only makeup can make them beautiful or makeup is the only way which will be helpful to enhance their overall appearance. Kirti Jotwani Makeup studio and salon is the renowned name in the industry of salon which consists of professional makeup artists in Lucknow. Providing makeup to someone on their wedding day is the hardest job to do. Kirti Jotwani understands that one mistake of a makeup artist can ruin the mood of the couples both even it can ruin the wedding too. Looks are the most important thing for the bride and groom both during the wedding. In this article, she is going to share some tips that how you can provide makeup to the bride and groom like professionals.

Tips By Kirti Jotwani For Groom Makeup

Ignore chemicals: - Do not use so many chemicals as usually, grooms do before wedding days to look more adorning on their wedding day. Chemicals mostly harm the health of skin and leaves skin with wrinkles so it will be better that they do not use more chemicals on the face during the wedding.

Massage: - Always massage your face with gentle hands and do not scrub your face for a long time and forcefully. It can leave marks on your face which will look awful during the wedding time.

Use home remedies: -Use herbal products or homemade paste which is used for galvanizing the facial glow of your skin. The homemade face packs are effective and best for enhancing the facial beauty. It also makes your facial skin healthy and prevents your face’s skin from acne scars and pimples on your face.

Whiten your Teeth: -For a groom or bride both, teeth are the main part to make you more beautiful. If you smile with yellow teeth then it looks awkward and it also becomes embarrassing for you. So, keep your teethes whiten with the help of teeth brush and there so many home remedies you can use to whiten your teeth.

Hydrate your face: -Keep your face hydrated with the help of moisturizer. The moisturizer hydrates your face and helps the face to exfoliate the dead skin from your face naturally and it rejuvenates the face with time.

Facial: - Facial is the most important thing which you should do from time to time. It is very much helpful for the beauty of your skin and it also helps you to galvanize the glow of your facial skin.