16 October 2020

Everybody for good looks and to get that, many at times we need expert advice which we can receive from the doctors. Every doctor has their own expertise, dermatologists have their expertise in problems related toskin, scalp, hair and nails, etc. they are certified and well-trained professionalsand are eligible to cure people.

Now a days, due to so many diseases, the need of dermatologists has increased. People are getting more and more conscious regarding their looks. Diseases related to hair effects the personality and confidence of a person. After so many years of talking about body positivity and self-love, our societystill does not accept people with any imperfections and make fun of them because of their looks. Everyone wants to get cured and look attractive. People with good financial backgrounds seek help from the therapists and learn about the various ways of getting and maintaining their hair health

The reason of baldnessand loose hair are plenty. Some common reasons related to this problem arepollution, hair hygiene, stress, hair care routine, productsused, genetics, etc. The reasons may vary from person to person. Then how will we identify the root cause of baldness? Here is when our practitioners that is our dermatologists comes into light. 

Dermatologists will tell you about the various types of treatments, you can choose any according to your budget and comfort. Mainly the treatments are of two types: first one is surgical treatment and the other one is non-surgical treatment. Surgical treatment includes hair transplant and hair implants, etc whereas non-surgical includes wig and hair patches

Many people mostly opt for hair patches as they are quick, cheaper and not at all painful. They are just like a cap which covers the head entirely or only the bald parts. They are attached to the scalp with the help of clips. They are very cost-effective and can be used for a longer run. They are made up of human hair thus they don’t need any special shampoo or chemical to maintain their quality. They look completely naturalandprovides a dense look to the hair

Apart from this many people wear patches in their daily lives for fashion and to get different hair styles, hair colours and looks every day. Hair patches are very much used in fashion, beautyand cinema industry as they save time of styling and fulfill the looks of an avatar.

Customized hair patches are also available in the market. You can buy any according to your will. You can easily get a patch, covering whole head or covering only the bald parts. Patches are also available in various hair colours like red, pink, blue, orange, etc. For the people suffering from hair loss, it is advisable to buy a hair patch matching to their hair colour, to get more natural look. Patches with different hair styles like pony tail, bun, puff, etc are used for temporary basis. Such patches are mostly bought by the entertainment and beauty industries.