Hygiene and self-care, the thing which cannot be unseen or left behind in today’s era. While we all are busy working day and night to follow our dreams, we just forget about our self-care and personal maintenance. Salons are the right place to make you feel beautiful inside out and to cope up with your regular self-care routine. When we are self-caring, we tend to feel more confident. All you need is positivity! Our salon in Aashiyana with the most trained professionals will makeover you in such a way that all the positive vibes will enter your door and to the people who will look you.

Date: 11 June 2020

While there are many salons in Lucknow, we bring our salon in Aashiyana with the most up-to-date tools and professional employees. Our Kirti Jotwani Makeup Studio focuses on our customers in every aspect to make them look gorgeous and feel joyous.

With all the services for your beautification from tip-to-toe, we are the one place for everything salon in Aashiyana with the best offers and most trending styles for you. Maintaining hygiene is one of the priority and we are following every method to cope with. Our precautionary methods which we are following on regular basis are:-

• Our make-up artist is well covered with the mask, face shield, and gloves to provide you hygienic service.

• We clean and disinfect our salon premises on regular basis.

• We provide hand sanitizer to our employees as well as our customers.

• We follow the rule of social distancing while giving you our services.

• We regularly check the temperature of our employees.

Remember one thing, check up on yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally regularly. While we, ‘Kriti Jotwani Makeup Studio’ helps you out glowing externally in a perfectly possible way. Our love and care for our clients have an overt focus since the beginning.