There are so many girls who love to looks cool and stylish, but now in the era of high definition cameras, it becomes hard to a hide flaw in your makeup. Kirti Jotwani brings new technology to you, which is known as airbrush makeup techniques and high definition makeup techniques. High definition makeup also referred to as HD makeup. Simple makeup could look bad but airbrush makeup and high definition makeup is the method to provide you detailed and fine makeup on your face with the help of new technology. Using smudge hand brushes and sponges are the old ways to provide good makeup to any bride or model. Airbrush makeup and High Definition makeup is the best way to provide detailed makeup to bride and models. Kirti Jotwani has the professional makeup artists in her best salon in Lucknow who is very much skilled in providing detained bridal makeup with the help of airbrushes.

What is HD (High Definition) Makeup?

The technology called High definition makeup, named because it has been made to hide your every flaw which reveals in high definition camera’s lenses. The professional makeup artist belongs to Kirti Jotwani makeup studio provides you makeup which will not be visible in high definition pictures. It has been observed that in HD pictures your fine lines and crease get spotted on your face so the high definition make up is the way to provide you flawless makeup. High Definition makeup provides natural texture and hides all imperfections of your facial beauty.

What is Airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is used to provide you fine and details makeup. This service is very popular in Kirti Jotwani makeup studio in Lucknow. The airbrush makeup is used for providing fine and detailed makeup to the bride. It is a myth that airbrush makeup is heavy on the face and it provides you cakey look whilst, The airbrush makeup is light weight makeup which is good to enhance your looks during your wedding day. The professional makeup artist uses a gun that contains foundation and other liquid and it is a very complicated and tough method to provide makeup with the help of air-gun. As the trigger is pressed, airbrush spray makeup on the face and makeup artist manages the sprayed makeup with help of airbrush.

Advantage of Airbrush makeup:

  • Airbrush is good especially for those brides who have oily skins.
  • The Airbrush makeup is long-lasting makeup which does not fade away as other makeup goes.
  • The Airbrush makeup is very cost-effective and it is not expensive available. You will get the best service in Kirti Jotwani Makeup Studio at a minimal rate.
  • The Airbrush bridal makeup is far better than any other bridal makeup.
  • Airbrush provides detailed makeup than traditional makeup you used with the help of sponges and smudge.

  • Advantage of High Definition Makeup

  • The high definition provides you a fine layer of the texture of the makeup on your face which hides you all fine lines and wrinkles.
  • You look more beautiful than usual you appear in traditional makeup.