18 March 2021

The professionalism and style of working may vary directly depending on the setting they work in. let us take an example that if a makeup artist is working in entertainment industry then artist should match that skills for applying special effect or prosthetic makeup or if professional makeup artist is own a salon or makeup studio than artist should match that level of skills for the better understanding of latest trends and fashion also there are various level of makeup artists who performs well in the respective area of working. Now the question arises: how would you judge and then rate a professional makeup artist?

Since every artist has their unique style of working in the way they are so passionate about playing with makeup and also to enhance the beauty of their clients or directly you can say that a professional makeup artist loves what they do. Some of the experienced makeup artists set up their own studio and as per the increase in clients they also start setting other franchises in various cities. Also there are some unprofessional makeup artists that truly destroy their reputation by using low rated products and their client suffers a lot. Here we would think that not everyone does this but some of them easily destroy their respect and even for others too. People won’t easily trust the makeup artist now, but this is not the right way. Before hiring any makeup artist especially for the event or wedding just check their previous style of working, previous ratings and of course how much attention you are getting as a client from a makeup artist and team. There are various products that are truly harmful for your skin that can easily destroy the skin cell which will affect the happiness and excitement for the event. So it’s better to ask a makeup artist first then to give permission to apply on your skin. Many of the professional makeup artists have more than 5 bookings a day that pressurize them for speedy work which is not right. Therefore as our opinion these are the particular criteria to judge and rate online makeup artist but be careful while rating as someone’s whole career depends on you.

But before visiting any salon, spa or clinic you should gather some information including their artist experiences, products they use and of course check online reviews where you’ll be getting proper understanding about the salon and makeup artist. It is highly recommended and if you want to take good care of your skin you should visit only professional makeup artists for your makeup. Some of them really advise in the wrong direction. They just want to do experiments on your skin using new cosmetics products so it is better to ask before applying it.