Right now the monsoon season is to live a life of going somewhere to go on a long drive. But few couple make this beautiful season their witness in swearing to spend life with each other. In weddings, the importance of the bride makeup is as much as important at as the wedding location & the weather.
The beauty of the bride gives her confidence and makes this day even more special. A bride does this special makeup life only once. So its makeup should be such that it is best for her and make her feel like a princess. So here are 5 tips for this monsoon season from Kirti Makeup Studio- Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Lucknow.

Date: 30 June 2020

1- Perfect Makeup Base for Bridals- The first and most essential part of makeup is the base and in the part of bridal make up, it become more important that which type of base will suit to the bride but before it just cleansing product to clean the face wall and rub an ice cube on it to make the skin oil free cause monsoon season also bring sweating with humidity. Due to the exercise makeup base will be stay longer and help to create perfect makeup base.

2- Uses Only Oil Free Make-up Products- As we all know that sweating due to humidity is a common problem of rainy season. But we have to pay attention to the fact that sweat can make the makeup worse and does not allow the effect of make-up to be 100%. So it is very important that any product used for makeup should be oil free. So that makeup can last longer.

3- Use Only Water Proof Make-up Products: Monsoon Season is the most romantic season for marriage. Although the monsoon season is the most romantic season for weddings, it also has some problems. It is not possible that there is no rain during the rainy season. Therefore it is very important to decide that the bride's make up is in such a way that water does not affect her. For which only water Proof makeup product should be used. After using the waterproof makeup Bride get blessings from the God of Monsoon too. Cheer!

4- Avoid Cream based makeup Product- As market of Nowadays is full of different types of cream base makeup products, but the monsoon season is very bad for using all these cream base makeup. So for monsoon bridal it would be better to avoid these products and use powder base products. Also, do not forget to spray after makeup; it helps a lot in setting up makeup and giving a perfect look.

5- Don’t Use Too Much Glitter and Shimmer Makeup- As you already know that humidity is the common cause behind the sweating. This makes our skin oily and sticky. If in this condition, the Glitter and Shimmer makeup on the bride's face will give her a more oily and sticky look. So avoid using more Glitter and Shimmer in the makeup. But this doesn’t mean that Glitter and Shimmer should not be use in makeup. You can use matte product and make your look even more fabulous.

So Beautiful Brides, here are some tips to you from Kirti Makeup Studio- Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Lucknow to enhance your beauty and to give you a completely unique and more gorgeous & stunning look at your wedding. So that this big day of your life becomes even more magnificent and memorable for you. Stay in love and laughter and happily ever after...