Kirti Jotwani makeup studio and salonis the only bestunisex salon in Alambaghthat serves you not only the best quality service they make your day beautiful by their serene way of serving their services. You will fall in love with the way of their treating you and providing you beauty care. They value your purpose of coming and they feel that customer entering their salon is not only coming for beauty care he also need relief from their hectic life. Kirti Jotwani is serving her best makeover service to gents and ladies both. We have all required beauty services for men and women both like hair cutting, facial, facial bleach, Keratin treatment, and spa. We have hired the best beauty experts to provide you the best experience in beauty care services.

Services that has been offered to our customers.

You are not only getting makeup and hair cut you also get the services for your body relaxation, beauty treatment, and hair treatment. Few of them are mentioned below:-

Keratin treatment : Keratin treatment is used for providing strength to hairs. Keratin is the protein used for providing good health and this protein is derived by so many sources like bird’s feathers, animal horns and animal’s wool. It has been found that keratin has a great impact on the hair’s health. As the cuticle absorbs the keratin it starts making hair glossy and removes the frizz from hairs.

D-Tanning : D-tanning is a type of treatment which exfoliates the dead skin and gives you your natural complexion. Tanning mostly occurs by ultraviolet rays of the sun and makes our skin cell death, is a result of this process our skins seem extra dark than any other part of your body and it seems bad.

Waxing : Everyone knows a waxing is a very painful procedure and if it is not going to be held in any expert’s supervision then it can make your waxing experience terrible. All these services are done by most experienced beauty experts which will not allow the pain to disturb you even for a second during waxing procedure.

Body polishing :Body polishing is the body care treatment in which beauty experts scrub your body with the help of natural ingredients. These ingredients are very much helpful in making your body astonishing and the scrub part removes all dead cells from your body which amplifies your body and it has included massage also so it provides you a stress-free relaxing body for a whole day. It is also helpful in preventing you from stress. Body polishing treatment is made for both genders males and females.