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So, in this blog, we are going to give some tips to get over facial hairs.

Trimming:Trimming takes away your facial hairs without any pain. You just need to run the trimmer over your skin and all your facial hair will be trimmed extremely short.

Besan: Just mix some besan with water or oil and apply it on your facial hair. Once it become dried, remove it smoothly by scrubbing it in opposing the direction of your hair growth. It needs a lot of sessions to take off all the hairs.

Epilator: Epilator will put out your hairs from the roots. Just run it over your hair and all the hairs will plucked out. It is although very painful process.

Waxing: This method should be preferably practiced by a professional. Takin your hairs off with waxing is a long term solution but it is painful. Although, I don’t recommend waxing your facial hairs as it can damage your skin.

Egg White: Whisk some egg white and apply it on your facial hair. Place some tissue over the mask. Gently apply another layer of egg above the tissue paper. Once dried, pull the tissue in upward motion with slight strokes. The result will be really good.

Threading:Run a razor over your skin in downward motion and all the hair along with dead skin will slough down. Facial razor are quite inexpensive and easy to use.

Laser:Laser treatment can cost you a bomb but it gives a long term solution. You can get it done by a professional. Although I don’t recommend laser for face, as it suits to some people only.