Makeup is a wayfor each lady to look and feel wonderful and confident. Kirti Jotwani guarantees that you feel the advantage of being the feature of your Event. Since each lady needs the best Makeup. Kirti Jotwani has very much experienced makeup artist at her best salon in Lucknow and thus strive the best service to the clients by understanding their needs and working accordingly. Salon in Lucknow and their experts in doing the most natural makeup for the wedding. Having a tremendous in the makeup industry, in this blog, Kirti Jotwani is going to provide you some important tips to look more groomed.

Some important tips you should follow to look more polished:

Exfoliate Letting dead skin stay on your face can result in dull and flaky skin. Exfoliate your face with your preferred method regularly, to keep dull skin and acne at bay.

Moisturize :Dry and tight skin is a big no. Keep your skin moisturized, always to maintain its health and glow.

Facials: Once in a while, it is beneficial to get a facial done, to improve the overall quality of your skin. Many facials are done by professionals, to target your skin concerns. Or else, you can get it done at home as well, with your regular products and techniques.

Remove Facial Hairs: Facial hair won’t be much noticeable, but as soon as you take them off, you’ll instantly feel a difference in your skin. Your skin will be more smooth and radiant. Your product will be absorbed better, and makeup will glide on easily. Shaving, epilating or trimming are some preferable options.

Skin Concerns: Treat your skin right, and create a routine that will target your skin concern, as you won’t have to conceal much of your skin woes with makeup, if you banish them.

Oil in Foundation: If you have flakes of skin, that are even more emphasized by the foundation, add few drop of light oil in your foundation and apply it. Adding oil in it will give more smooth finish, and won’t cling on dry patches.

Brows: Tame your unkempt brows, by simply taking a drop of aloe gel and running it through your brows. Aloe, being sticky, will hold your brows in shape, and will nourish them at the same time.

Lips: Pay heed to your lips as well, and avoid wearing lipstick constantly, as they may cause pigmentation or even dry lips, if you don’t take enough care of your lips. Scrub them 1-2 time a week and wear a thick lip balm at night.